• Testimonials from our Global Hosts

    We asked them why they've joined this global event.

    Zo Flamenbaum

    Tel aviv - Israel Host

    "Because the opportunity to join a way to peacefully connect with the world is amazing - and because I support and strongly believe in the need for humans to connect eye to eye to create a stronger and better humanity for us all!"

    Frank Melchior

    Sheffield - UK Host

    "Human connection is so deeply hidden in our society at time. But it still lives in the heart of every human being. This is such a friendly and peaceful opportunity to invite people to bring it back."

    Periklis Ikonomidis

    Luxembourg City - Luxembourg Host

    "It is a great opportunity to strengthen the quality of people's lives by pushing them to step out of their comfort zones and sharing their love with others."

    Glauce Rosa

    Saquarema - Brazil Host

    "To spread love, peace and light to the people."