• Steps to Hosting Your Event

    If you have a feeling in your heart that you want to create this event you can! Just follow these steps.


    Register As City Host in Your City

    Sign up and select "city host" here.


    Check Your Welcome Email

    You will instantly receive a welcome email, if it's not in your inbox check your junk mail! It's important.


    Read the Official How to Host Guide

    This document will help you understand everything about creating and hosting your own event in your city.

    Access it here.


    Make Your Public Facebook Event

    Create a Public Facebook event following the Official Event Checklist 2017 & invite all your friends!


    Register Your Facebook URL with us!

    So we can add your event to the Global Map and check that your event has the best possible chance at being a great success. Register your URL here.


    Receive Confirmation Message

    Our global host coordinators will be in contact with you via email and on your Facebook event to officially welcome you to the Global Event and confirm your event is on our map!


    Officially Ready!

  • Got Questions? Connect With Us

    English Rep: Linda Donegan, Linda@theliberators.org
    English Rep: Kathleen Mistele, Kathleen@theliberators.org
    French Rep: Zina Saïdi, zinasaidi7@gmail.com

    German Rep: Anne-Sophie Jørgensen, sophiejoergensen@gmx.de

    Spanish Rep: Nati Cast Dcast, contactovisualcolombia@gmail.com
    Spanish Rep: Adriana Portillo, saivanishakti@gmail.com
    Polish Rep: Ajka Sawicka joanna@studiorelacji.pl
    Portuguese Rep: Pedro Dias, eupedroetudias@gmail.com
    Russian Rep: Anna Goreva, belrusbird@gmail.com